Jaspersoft Releases Reporting Tool for Eclipse Developers

Jaspersoft, a business intelligence software provider, has released an open source business intelligence design environment for Eclipse. Jaspersoft Studio is intended to provide a platform that enables Eclipse Java developers to build, secure, and share BI reports for free.

"Jaspersoft Studio is used to define highly formatted interactive reports that are run within or outside an application," Mike Boyarski, senior product marketing manager for Jaspersoft, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Developers can also use Jaspersoft Studio with JasperReports Server to run, secure, and distribute reports for while leveraging a 100% open source platform."

With Jaspersoft Studio, two significant developer communities are brought together to bring greater adoption of open source BI "to the masses." Eclipse represents one the largest and most important Java communities touting an average of one million downloads per month, while Jaspersoft serves a large open source BI community with more than 225,000 registered members.

Jaspersoft Studio is designed to help developers build reports and share them among teams or with their organizations, employing the open source JasperReports Server project. Jaspersoft Studio delivers a platform for building, sharing, and managing reports, which can access any data source, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, and flat files. "Because Jaspersoft Studio is open source, organizations can use the JasperReports Server environment to deploy thousands of reports throughout an enterprise without requiring a commercial subscription," Boyarski says.   

In addition to making Jaspersoft available to Eclipse developers, the company also announced it has become an official member of the Eclipse Foundation, enabling it to extend its open software development arm and ability to build open source applications and products. "Jaspersoft Studio is a Java based environment that can support a variety of requirements, including mission critical, transactional, or extreme data environments," Boyarski says. "Because Jaspersoft Studio supports the proven and popular JasperReports Library environment, the reporting solution is able to process thousands of reports to several different output formats including PDF, XLS, HTML, Word, and OpenOffice.  This gives developers the flexibility and confidence to support a large breadth of application requirements."

Jaspersoft Studio is currently available for download from