Jaspersoft and Red Hat Partner on Business Intelligence for PaaS

Jaspersoft, a BI software provider, has announced the development of what it describes as the first BI architected for platform-as-a-service, with the planned integration of Jaspersoft BI with Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS. Working with Red Hat to leverage its cloud application lifecycle management tools, Jaspersoft delivers reporting capabilities through a choice of deployments including on-premises, as well as public, private, or hybrid clouds.

PaaS provides benefits including improved cost, deployment speed, scalability, and ease of implementation and maintenance, says Jaspersoft, citing industry figures showing that PaaS will become a $12 billion market by 2020. With OpenShift, Red Hat offers PaaS built on open source technologies that enable developers to quickly develop and deploy applications in the cloud. OpenShift provides built-in auto-scaling, supports a wide variety of languages, frameworks, middleware and clouds and is available free of charge.

"Jaspersoft is excited to team with Red Hat to build the industry's first BI for PaaS," said Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft's vice president of Product and Alliances, in a statement released by the company.

"Red Hat is helping organizations to develop private, public and hybrid clouds with solutions like our CloudForms infrastructure-as-a-service offering that is currently in beta, while at the same time making it easy for developers to leverage clouds with our OpenShift PaaS," added Scott Crenshaw, vice president, Cloud Business Unit at Red Hat. "With Jaspersoft's suite of reporting and analysis capabilities now available on OpenShift, organizations can quickly realize the benefits of the cloud while gaining deep insights from the data that powers these applications."

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