Jaspersoft and Talend Broaden Big Data Integration Partnership

Commercial open source integration software vendor Talend has extended its partnership with Jaspersoft,  a provider of business intelligence software, to deliver native support for big data environments in Jaspersoft ETL. Jaspersoft ETL, part of the larger Jaspersoft BI Suite 4.5, is now able to move data from any source into and out of Apache Hadoop and other big data platforms, regardless of format. Together, these technologies integrate enterprise data with big data platforms to provide actionable business intelligence quickly and precisely.

"You don't want your big data to be an ‘island' or a ‘silo.' You want your big data analytics solution to be connected to the rest of the information system, and because of that, integration is paramount," Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing at Talend, tells 5 Minute Briefing. With native support for big data environments, Talend is able to help Jasperspoft get relevant data into and out of Hadoop. Additionally, the complexity of using Hadoop is a challenge for organizations. "Today Hadoop is super-powerful but essentially you need to have a Ph.D. in MapReduce technology," says de Montcheuil. In response, Talend has developed a drag-and-drop interface so that users are not required to write code, providing greater ease-of-use.

According to the vendors, in addition to the 450-plus connectors already available through the previously-existing OEM agreement, connectors added to Jaspersoft ETL through this OEM extension include:

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), to load and extract data from Hadoop, in batch or streaming mode.
  • HBase, to load, extract and transform data into Hadoop's column-oriented database.
  • Pig (Pig Latin generation) and Hive (HiveQL generation), to process Hadoop data in place, leveraging the power of the Hadoop cluster.
  • Sqoop, for building direct Hadoop-to-database links without coding.

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