John O’Brien Discusses How to Craft Evolving Data Architecture at Data Summit 2016

The pace of technology is moving faster than ever and more enterprises are struggling with how to keep up to date with their data architecture.

John O’Brien, principal analyst and CEO, at Radiant Advisors, discussed how to design and implement data architecture for the ever evolving big data world during Data Summit 2016.

There are three key areas to focus on when building a stable platform to support current data architecture, according to O’Brien. This includes persistence, context, and access.

Because best practices don’t necessarily exist in this space, enterprises must take a basic approach by examining what drives a business and what the business demands are.

“Don’t be afraid to break the rules,” O’Brien said.

While investing in a variety of complementary technologies, O’Brien explained, it’s important to be flexible, to optimize what the enterprises needs, and to reference old and new technologies.

By extending SQL above the platform, enterprises can begin to unify each part of the data architecture platform. Virtualization is one way to do so effectively, according to O’Brien.

“You want the best graph database, you want the best analytic database, you have a great data warehouse platform, you can mix and match your approach,” O’Brien said. 

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