Join Kore Technologies and DBTA to Learn How to Modernize MV Systems with Real-Time Integration

DBTA is hosting a webinar with Kore Technologies on June 10 to provide a deep dive into keeping MV systems fresh and up-to-date with the latest integrations.

Today's best-in-class applications can provide new or improved capabilities for your MultiValue system. Often these are cloud-based or even mobile applications that can modernize specific areas of your organization.

Popular examples include: Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce Storefronts, Warehouse Management, Transportation logistics and Service Management.

The challenge is integrating these applications with the MultiValue system in real-time while maximizing security, data access, and enforcement of business rules.

The good news is that Kore Technologies provides a real-time integration platform called Kourier REST that is designed for this purpose.

Mark Dobransky, managing partner, Kore Technologies, and Keith Lambert, VP of marketing and business development, Kore Technologies, will discuss how Kourier REST can extend and modernize MultiValue system via integration to other applications using RESTful Web Services.

They’ll also talk about how to integrate your MultiValue system with cloud-based application APIs such as, how to create REST APIs for your MultiValue system that enable other applications to securely access data though a REST gateway, and more.

Register here now.