JuT Introduces Streaming Analytics Platform for Operational Data

Jut has come out of stealth mode with the announcement of the beta release of the Operations Data Hub for DevOps, a streaming analytics platform for operational data. The Jut platform enables DevOps teams to ask questions in real-time to understand usage, improve software performance, react faster to anomalies, and become predictive.

Jut’s platform is designed to bring together metrics, logs and event data to a single place. The platform is built on a hybrid SaaS model designed to give users complete control of their operational data, whether software runs in their public cloud or their data center.

“It’s a single big data back end where you can bring in all different types of operational data,"  Apurva Davé, vice president of product and marketing. "On top of that easy to manage back end, we provide an analytics layer, based on Dataflow, which allows people to ask any question of their data.” Jut leverages its own programming language, called Juttle, which unifies analytics on livestreaming and historical data with both structured and unstructured data types. According to the company, this allows customers to make any possible query across all their operational data.

 “Anyone can come to our site, download the product and get going.” Davé said. “Our goal with the open beta is to learn faster and build the product our customers want," Davé said.  “Anyone can come to our site, download the product and get going.” 

In the future, Jut will add applications to the platform that allow different users to look at data in a plethora of ways, according to Davé. “Through the summer and beyond you’ll see us talking about those additional applications and functionality that we push into the system,” Davé said.  “We are making it easy for anyone to be really curious about their data.”

For more information about Jut and to download its platform, visit