Juniper Networks Brings IOps to WAN Routing, Expands AI-Native Networking

Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-Native Networking, is introducing a new round of innovations to its AI-Native Networking Platform, delivering exceptional value and cost savings to enterprises requiring secure branch connections.

The company’s WAN Assurance, Premium Analytics, and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) products have been augmented with new and unique AI for Networking capabilities that deliver simple, seamless, and secure SD-WAN and SASE experiences, according to the company.

Juniper has also announced a new Routing Assurance product that brings AI-Native automation and insight to traditional edge routing topologies.

The augmented Juniper solution leverages AI for Networking to drive even more value to enterprise WAN environments.

Marvis Minis, Juniper’s digital experience twin solution that improves network ops by diagnosing real authentication issues without requiring users/devices, has been extended to SD-WAN.

New WAN speed tests can be continuously run (without users having to be present) to verify link speeds and take proactive actions if problems are detected. With this latest Marvis Minis expansion, Juniper is the first vendor to span wired, wireless and WAN with a single AI-Native digital experience twin solution, enabling exceptional end-to-end user experiences, according to the company.

In addition, existing WAN service level expectations (SLEs) for WAN edge health, link health, and application health have been augmented with a new SLE that tracks WAN congestion.

The new WAN Congestion SLE alerts operators when their network interfaces are being over-utilized, which causes poor user experiences.

Juniper has also further expanded its unique streaming dynamic packet capture (dPCAP) solution for wireless and wired to now include WAN.

With WAN dPCAP, the Juniper WAN Assurance solution proactively captures packets at the time of a bad incident to help identify and fix hard-to-find issues, avoiding expensive and time-consuming site visits, according to the company.

Finally, new application insights offer network operators a user-friendly visualization of the traffic traversing the SD-WAN, enabling them to see bandwidth-intensive applications and enable accurate planning and problem remediation.

Juniper is introducing a new security insights Mist dashboard within its Premium Analytics product to provide comprehensive security event visibility and persona-based policy activation and threat responses.

The security insights dashboard in Premium Analytics also helps break down siloed network and security management. Networking and security teams benefit from a shared portal that shows proactive actions needed (and taken), which streamlines operational workflows for increased efficiency, agility, and cost savings, according to the company.

“Since the launch of our AI-Native Networking Platform in January, Juniper has delivered on the promise to build out our industry-leading AIOps across all enterprise network domains. Now embracing routing, these latest innovations enable simplified, fast assurance, monitoring, troubleshooting, and issue resolution across multiple branch offices, WAN Edge, and peering locations,” said Sunalini Sankhavaram, vice president, product development, Juniper Networks. “We are also uniquely combining the security and networking domains operationally, enabling insight-driven, holistic security management and audit within the broader networking context, replacing silos with collaboration. All these new innovations further enable exceptional, secure user experiences for the enterprise.”

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