K2 and Celonis Partner to Help Customers Leverage Powerful AI and Machine Learning Techniques

SourceCode Technology Holdings, the maker of K2 Software and a provider of intelligent process automation, and Celonis, a provider of AI-enhanced process mining and process excellence software, are forming a partnership. The collaboration will leverage process mining to accelerate digital transformation results for enterprises worldwide that are focused on mission-critical processes.

Integration of K2’s deep domain expertise and digital process automation capabilities with Celonis’ process mining capabilities will enable enterprises to better define and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Customers can extract data from their operational systems and leverage powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to continuously optimize and adapt their business processes to accelerate digital transformation and deliver improved outcomes.

“What's unique about this partnership is that K2 opens up a broader market of mid-sized companies that can benefit from our technology. K2 is democratizing the data to drive intelligent process automation so that it's no longer just for large corporations,” said Marc Kinast, vice president of global business development at Celonis. “Jointly we can provide a more controlled ‘process-first’ approach to automation, which will enable customers to effectively transform business operations with powerful analytics.”

K2 and Celonis have started to pilot the end-to-end automation solution for its joint customers to enable them to visualize and optimize all of their processes.

Benefits of a joint K2 and Celonis solution include:

  • Automation domain expertise: K2’s domain expertise in process automation in combination with Celonis, will provide the only joint solution to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation for both mid to large-sized organizations.
  • Identification and removal of bottlenecks: Together, process automation and process mining provide companies with end-to-end visibility into all processes and identifies opportunities for automation.
  • Digitizing end-to-end processes on one dashboard: By identifying and fixing fragmented processes, companies can shorten delivery cycles for new products and services to grow and expand into new markets.
  • Triggers for audit and compliance checks: For tightly regulated industries, such as healthcare or financial services, the joint solution audits processes for inconsistencies ensuring regulatory compliance - and flagging processes that are out of compliance.

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