KALEAO Rebrands as Bamboo Systems, Receives $4.5 Million in New Funding Round

KALEAO is rebranding itself as Bamboo Systems, a provider of transformative ARM server architecture designed to power the next generation of sustainable data centers.

In addition to the rebrand, the company has closed a $4.5 million pre-Series A funding round led by Seraphim Capital. The new funding will be used to bring to market the only server designed to give hyperscale performance with ten times the density of today’s Intel-based servers.

Data center power consumption is becoming a global concern, demanding over 2% of the world’s produced power and generating 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The high compute demands of machine learning and artificial intelligence are pushing data centers to expand exponentially with power consumption predicted to grow 5x in the next five years.

“The future of the data center lies in the development of nimble solutions that possess the power to achieve results yet are also cognizant of the environmental impacts they produce,” said James Bruegger, Managing Partner, Seraphim Capital, who led the investment round. “With its powerful, compact, and energy-conscious design, we believe that Bamboo Systems’ revolutionary new ARM-based servers will have a huge impact both in Space Tech and the wider $80 billion server market. We believe Bamboo Systems is one of the first technological harbingers of the paradigm shift we are about to see in the power consumption of the data center.”

The Bamboo Systems server architecture uses ARM processors in a dense configuration to deliver a massive reduction in power consumption, using one quarter of the power of an equivalent Intel-based system.

This new architecture maximizes the performance of modern application design while providing ten times the density of today’s servers, at one third the cost.

“Bamboo Systems and its new management team are dedicated to changing the future of data center design. ARM has become the architecture of choice for every industry that faces power challenges and we have created a revolutionary server design that brings the energy efficiency, compactness and the scalability of mobile ARM to the data center,” said Tony Craythorne, CEO, Bamboo Systems. “The world’s power grids cannot support the data centers planned for the next five years without a dramatic shift in server design, and Bamboo Systems will lead the industry in meeting this market challenge.”        

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