KOM Networks Certifies with CommVault Simpana Software

KOM Networks, a provider of data storage archiving and retention solutions, has certified its KOMpliance product with CommVault Simpana 8 software to provide an affordable and flexible high performance data archive, search and management solution.

Recognizing that regulatory requirements for compliant archiving, storage, retention and access to data are becoming progressively complex, the integration between KOM Networks and CommVault is intended to provide a way to reduce costs, drive greater operational efficiency and simplify the way organizations manage, retain and protect their critical business information.   

KOMpliance is a turnkey archive storage solution, leveraging standard file sharing protocols to deliver a secure universal file archive repository. Deployed as a network attached file archive server, KOMpliance is available with its own storage capacity or as a SAN gateway to create secure archives using fibre channel and iSCSI storage resources. There are no agents and no client licenses required.  KOMpliance provides everything needed to archive and secure data pre-installed and pre-configured to meet regulatory, budgetary or business requirements.

CommVault Simpana software leverages a single platform architecture that enables companies to immediately reclaim space on primary storage, reduce offsite storage by up to 90%, and eliminate up to half their tape drives. The enterprise data management software helps businesses manage increasingly larger amounts of data with snapshot-based data management, data deduplication, laptop and desktop protection, remote office data management and advanced copy management features. Simpana software provides universal availability and simplified management of data for a wide range of storage networks.

Kamel Shaath, CTO of KOM Networks, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "this agreement with CommVault is a brand new relationship for KOM Networks, and they are a Technology Advantage Partner. The CommVault Simpana software has been certified with the KOMpliance solution and provides the benefits of the CommVault Common Framework. The Simpana software provides functionality for the capture of data from various sources and then delivers it to KOMpliance for archive storage and easy re-access. It is a separate component that must be licensed from CommVault, and is then loaded onto the KOMpliance device for seamless integration."

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