KXEN Announces Certification of InfiniteInsight for Sybase IQ v.15

KXEN, a provider of predictive analytics for business users, has certified its flagship product, InfiniteInsight, for Sybase IQ v.15, the column-based analytics server. The combination of the two solutions allows businesses to gain speed and performance in building predictive models and social network analysis to support business decisions.

Predictive analytics requires large amounts of data to build the underlying models. A key step in the predictive analytics process is to establish a 360-degree view of the business problem or question, including data from diverse systems such as CRM, web data or even social media platforms. Sybase IQ was built to handle the huge loads encountered in predictive analytics. IQ has no limit on the number of columns, an advantage when building out the analytical data set, including complex aggregates or derived variables that are used in predictive analysis, which for KXEN's InfiniteInsight often comprises thousands or even tens of thousands of columns.

Through their partnership KXEN and Sybase IQ have worked together to solve a significant bottleneck in predictive analytics process: the deploying model in production. Predictive models are often used in large-scale environments where fast and efficient processing is mandatory. For example, when predicting which of the 50 million subscribers for a communications service provider will churn, KXEN's InfiniteInsight leverages the power of Sybase IQ by deploying the scoring equation directly in-database, benefiting from all the speed and scalability of the column based platform. Together, KXEN and Sybase IQ produce query speeds on large data sets up to 100 or even 1,000 times faster than traditional relational-based solutions and earlier data mining systems.

KXEN's InfiniteInsight is also tightly integrated with the in-memory Event Stream Processing (ESP) solution from Sybase. This combination enables real-time aggregation, analysis and scoring of transactional event streams to make informed decisions. By analyzing data as it is occurring, companies optimize business processes based on real-time intelligence, and make offers - typically online - when users are likely to be most interested.

As organizations build solutions to manage huge volumes of information, they must take into consideration ways to gain valuable, actionable insights with a process that is easy and automated to improve their business and stay competitive in their market, Andrew Neugebauer, senior product manager Sybase IQ solution ecosystem, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  "In-database analytics, unlike traditional solutions where the data is moved to the analysis, moves that analysis to the data."  

According to Neugebauer, the combination of Sybase IQ with its ease of use and superior performance for analyzing data, and KXEN InfiniteInsight, which allows organizations to automatically build, deploy and execute predictive models on big data, makes this possible. "With the KXEN models running in the Sybase IQ analytics server, KXEN is able to utilize as many dimensions, or columns, as needed for fast and accurate result.  The combination of KXEN InfiniteInsight and Sybase IQ allow enterprises to automate analytics to easily gain insight into their business 100 to 1000 times faster than with traditional methods.  This provides competitive advantage and actionable insight into their business that was not possible before."

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