Kaleyra Introduces its Global Messaging Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Kaleyra, Inc., a rapidly growing omnichannel business communications platform, announced it has launched its global messaging services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), accelerating innovation in the CPaaS space and further capitalize on the two companies' long-standing relationship to drive the future of business communications and customer engagement.

The expansion of this strategic alliance will be a global effort focusing on the US, EU, UAE, and APAC regions while also expanding to verticals ranging from fintech to healthcare and more.

The power of Kaleyra and OCI together provides customers the ability to engage clients with personalized marketing messages across multiple channels at scale and creates an economical, cohesive infrastructure to do so.

"Our historic relationship with Oracle has been a foundational platform for our collaboration as leaders in the business communications market. Together we have powered billions of interactions with thousands of customers to drive critical, timely customer engagement," said Dario Calogero, Kaleyra's chief executive officer. "Kaleyra and Oracle will continue to grow and cement our leadership role in the CPaaS ecosystem, which extends beyond traditional SMS messaging, to deepen our engagement with our customers across key industry verticals and create long-term value for our stakeholders," Calogero continued.

OCI enables customers to build and run an entire application portfolio within a cohesive cloud environment. By using OCI, customers can expand their business, improve user experiences, accelerate their operations, and reduce their risk and costs.

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