Kalido Broadens Data Governance Solution

Kalido, a provider of master data and information management software, has announced that the latest release of the Kalido Information Engine now includes significant data matching capabilities for broader support of data governance programs. The new release also includes enhanced functionality for the enablement of best practices for the design, development and deployment of the Kalido Information Engine.

The Kalido Information Engine is a business-model driven tool that can automatically feed information to end users through their business intelligence tools. A flexible and scalable data warehouse can be generated from the business information model, and the Engine provides a wizard-driven information director which ensures that the metadata supporting the business intelligence tools is up-to-date with the data warehouse model.

With the new version release, Kalido has improved upon these native data governance capabilities in the Engine with the addition of automated data matching capabilities that will help ease a significant manual and administrative burden for data stewards across the enterprise. New functionality includes integrated matching intelligence that improves rules management, candidate management, confidence calculation, process matching and survivorship management within Kalido.

Specifically, Kalido's new integrated matching technology will enable customers to de-dupe and match records from different sources to help build gold-copy master data, use hierarchy relationships as part of a match, and use any master data element a thesaurus. Darren Peirce, director of product management at Kalido, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "in addition to the integrated matching technology which is provided by Netrics, the new product version also has increased automation for workflow processes, increased scalability and usability for business modeling, and certification to run on Netezza analytic appliances." The new release also includes greater support for best practice enablement for data warehouse development, including increased security management and enforcement.

The expanded offering enables businesses to take a top-down approach, defining data governance at the highest levels and driving those critical processes into daily operations. As a result, businesses are able to turn bad data into meaningful business information, govern data across the enterprise using a business-model approach, and automatically feed information to industry standard business intelligence platforms.

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