Kalido Debuts its KONA Information Appliance Running on Netezza TwinFin Platform

Kalido, a provider of information management software for enterprise data goverance, and Netezza, a provider of data warehousing and analytics appliances, have announced that Kalido has licensed and will directly sell a custom-built Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance engineered and optimized for the Kalido Information Engine and Kalido's new industry-specific analytics and reporting solutions.

The Kalido Information Engine is a fully-governed information management platform that enables model-driven creation and evolution of data warehouses, workflow-driven master data management processes, graphical business modeling, and metadata creation. It helps customers to rapidly deploy a business intelligence infrastructure, and continually adapts to changing business conditions to ensure the delivery of consistently reliable information to business intelligence tools.

The new offering, known as the Kalido KONA Information Appliance, aims to address specific business information needs in various industries, enabling enterprises to more effectively manage key performance indicators for their critical business operations. It is an end-to-end analytics and reporting solution containing industry-specific business information models and all required hardware and software for data storage, data sourcing and integration, master data management and governance, and analysis and presentation. The pre-configured appliance reduces deployment complexity, implementation time, and both initial and ongoing costs.

Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "Kalido takes a business-model driven approach to information management rather than starting out focusing on how data is structured by IT. The KONA Information Appliance has pre-built business models focused on specific vertical industries and business processes within those industries, and we also provide professional services to do the last mile customization of the business models for each customer's specific needs."

The Kalido KONA Information Appliance includes a Netezza TwinFin data warehouse appliance (built specifically for Kalido), the Kalido Information Engine, data extraction and integration capabilities, pre-built analytics, front-end reports and dashboards powered by the QlikView business intelligence platform from QlikTech, a governance and stewardship application for master data, and industry-specific business information models. The two initial industry specific offerings are the KONA Appliance for Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Analytics, and Insurance Sales and Distribution Analytics.

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