Kalido Information Engine 9.0 Achieves Oracle Exadata Optimized Status

Kalido, a provider of agile information management software and Gold level member in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), has achieved Oracle Exadata Optimized status, demonstrating that Kalido Information Engine 9.0 has been tested and tuned on Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver speed, scalability and reliability to customers.  The new optimized status signifies that Kalido’s application which is certified to run on Exadata has now been optimized, meaning that it is taking advantage of the features in Exadata, including the memory, and the tuning and performance capabilities, and that as a result, Kalido is able to give customers better performance of its application running on the Exadata stack, says Bill Hewitt, Kalido president and CEO.

According to the companies, with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Kalido is able to combine its business-driven automation capabilities with the data warehousing performance of Oracle Exadata improving time-to-value for data warehouse implementations, migrations and consolidation projects. Initial testing delivered five times performance over comparable results for traditional relational databases. Additionally, running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Kalido Information Engine 9.0 was able to load in excess of four times more data per hour compared to other supported platforms that were tested, resulting in smaller batch windows so customers can make decisions faster.

Oracle Exadata Optimized is part of the Oracle Exastack Optimized program which allows partners to leverage OPN enablement resources and dedicated lab environments to help develop, test and tune their applications on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud engineered systems.  To achieve optimized status, Kalido went through a certification process for the port of its technology. Because it already ran on the Oracle Database, the port was straightforward, says Hewitt. And after that, Kalido worked with the Optimized team to make sure that the Kalido team understood all the components of Exadata that they could take advantage of from a tuning standpoint, and then actually used that knowledge to tune the application and proved back to the Oracle that it had achieved significant performance gains by optimizing its application specifically for the Exadata stack.

The Oracle Exadata Optimized Status gives Kalido access to significant benefits from Oracle. “They are willing to give us exposure to engineers and benchmark specialists and that helps us differentiate our offering to the end customer from a traditional appliance,” Hewitt notes. “Exadata has a really compelling value proposition in that you can use it for both OLTP transaction work as well as database or data warehouse transaction work. We are really a data warehouse company. As an example, we have a joint customer who acquired Exadata for their OLTP environment and then upgraded and expanded that footprint to include their data warehouse. From the customer perspective, it is one skill set for both streams of work and so we are seeing a lot of people who are on the Oracle Database, and who are seeing their data volumes grow dramatically, opt for the performance and scalability of Exadata as a way to broaden that footprint and also to reduce the amount of skills that they need to manage their database environment. We are seeing quite a bit of interest in it. It is truly the only relational database-centric database appliance that’s out there,” Hewitt explains.

One of the things that makes Exadata so beneficial to customers is the technology that Oracle picked up from Sun and that they’d engineered, he says. ”They call it engineered systems. For us it is very compelling because part of our application has an application server and one of the problems in any database performance environment with an application is that it can tend to be I/O-bound because it goes to disk to get logic  - well with the Flash Fire memory that Oracle put into Exadata, we can actually load our entire application server into memory which eliminates the I/O time and allows us to perform  anywhere from four to 50 times better than we would on a competitive high performance platform.”

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