Kalido Information Engine V. 9 Goes GA and Achieves Oracle Exadata Ready Status

Kalido, a provider of agile information management software, unveiled the latest release of the Kalido Information Engine, which helps organizations decrease the time for data mart migrations and consolidations.

With this new release, customers will be able to import existing logical and physical models and taxonomies to build a more agile data warehouse. Enabling customers to take advantage of existing assets and investments "is going to dramatically reduce the time and the cost that it takes to bring together data marts into more of a data warehouse scenario," says John Evans, director of product marketing at Kalido.

According to the vendor, the new release will decrease cost because existing assets are re-used rather than recreated, with automated consolidation and migration tasks that reduce resource requirements. In addition, automation enables reverse-engineering, accelerating conversion to a business information model and providing an agile data foundation for analytics, with the result that models can be converted in hours instead of weeks. And, finally, risk will also be reduced because IT teams can improve governance and overall standardization by implementing standards during consolidation.

The Kalido Information Engine version 9 has also achieved Oracle Exadata Ready status through Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), showing that Kalido has fully tested and supports the Kalido Information Engine version 9 on Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

"We have been running on Oracle for 10 years now, and with the advent of this new high performance platform, we have optimized and tuned the Kalido Information Engine right out of the box to run on Oracle Exadata," says Evans. "Our customers can now have a platform that offers extreme data warehouse performance along with the scalability that that entails, so that as they are bringing together marts and consolidating them on a platform, they can do that on Exadata and have an environment that can grow with them as their warehouse expands over time."

Kalido is a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Oracle Exadata Ready is part of the Oracle Exastack Ready program.

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