Kalido Releases New Version of Information Engine

Kalido, a provider of information management software for enterprise data governance, announced that the latest version of the Kalido Information Engine which will be generally available by the end of October 2009. The Kalido Information Engine is a business model-driven, best-practice based platform that can automatically feed information to end-users through their business intelligence tools. With the engine, users can quickly model business scenarios, and deliver reliable, consistent and accurate data. It includes such features as workflow, embedded data matching, a full audit trail, role-based security, and more.

The new release has a particular focus on enabling data governance. Many governance programs can fail due to the lack of accountability, user involvement, and business ownership in the governance process, according to Kalido. The new Information Engine provides a platform that engages business and IT users alike, while providing the scale and performance needed for an enterprise data governance program. It provides organizations with collaboration, business access, and support for comprehensive governance processes.

Major new features in the latest release include a dedicated business user interface, the ability to enable continuous data governance processes, and scale and performance improvements. With the new interface, Kalido is providing business users intuitive search and browse capabilities, giving them direct and easy access to published master data. Business users can easily request changes, enhancing the quality of the data and improving business processes. Change requests are automatically routed through Kalido's highly configurable embedded workflow to ensure timely action and approval.

In the area of continuous data governance, Kalido enables the separation of work in process and published data, enabling the master data to be continually edited, changed and approved as business needs require without disrupting existing business processes. And scale and performance enhancements now enable the Information Engine to support more than hundreds of millions master data records and significantly increased data load and validation processing speed.

"One of the key aspects of the Kalido Information Engine is that the business model which visually shows the conceptual data associations, automatically generates the physical structure needed to create a data warehouse or master data management repository," John Evans, director of product marketing for Kalido, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "With the latest release, business users can use the new interface to gain access to data, navigate by business model categories, and drill down into detail as needed. It also provides a change request and data publication process by which business users can send requests to data stewards to change or edit data definitions and then have those changes be moves to the published repository."

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