Kaminario Ships Petabyte-Scale All-Flash Storage Platform

Kaminario, a storage solutions provider, has released its sixth generation (Gen6) K2 all-flash array, delivering multi-petabyte scale storage. Kaminario K2 Gen6 is powered by VisionOS, a software platform that optimizes commodity hardware resources. K2 is built for delivering applications on highly scalable private clouds or as-a-service infrastructures.

K2 Gen6 offers multi-petabyte scalability within a shared data reduction space. The K2 is comprised of modular K-Blocks that include an active-active controller pair and between one and four drive shelves that each accommodate 24 SSDs. Leveraging 4TB 3D TLC drives, a single Gen6 K-Block scales-up to 1PB of effective capacity, a 5x increase over a Gen5 K-Block. With scale-out design, volumes are accessed from all active-active controllers. Adopting Intel Broadwell CPUs, the K2 Gen6 delivers a 2x performance increase over the previous generation.

In addition to improvements in physical capacity and density, K2 Gen6 incorporates an innovative implementation of standard compression algorithms that optimize use of hardware resources.

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