Kapow and Informatica Partner to Deliver Big Data Access in Upcoming Informatica 9.5

Kapow Software, a provider of social media, cloud, and big data solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Informatica Corporation to deliver Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst. This solution harnesses the power of the web, cloud applications and social media, allowing IT and line-of-business users alike to access and extract relevant information from disparate data sources in real time. The solution will be integrated into Informatica 9.5, which is scheduled to be released at the end of June.

According to Kapow, Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst is designed to enable users to access often unattainable data sets that can then be analyzed for valuable insights. "This is a great value proposition to the Informatica customer base to be able to extend the reach of data that can be collected and brought into the organization with all those other data sources that are really hard to get but very valuable," Hila Segal, Kapow's director of product marketing, explains to 5 Minute Briefing. With new insights into companies, products, customers, competitors, market trends, and financial predictors, organizations can innovate and increase agility and profitability.

In the upcoming release of Informatica 9.5, Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst will empower line of business users to leverage incoming data to make better decisions and become more agile and profitable. "The main differentiator between other integration platforms and ours is we can integrate and access data anywhere and you don't need to program," says Stefan Andreasen, founder and CTO at Kapow. Featuring a scalable server environment, a point-and-click interface, and a collaborative web portal, the solution aims to make it simple for line of business users to integrate and deliver unstructured data from any web-based source, to provide greater value and return on an enterprise's big data.

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