Kasten by Veeam’s K10 Release Continues to Simplify Kubernetes Deployment

Kasten by Veeam, the providers of Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery, is unveiling the Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.5 Kubernetes data management platform, a solution geared toward bridging the gap between skill and user when employing Kubernetes. The present challenges associated with Kubernetes no longer burdens operations teams, as Kasten K10 delivers autonomous operations and cloud native expansion to accommodate for complexity at scale in diverse deployment environments, according to the vendor.

“Organizations need to not only transition to a new, modern cloud native development technology and workflow but also require operations at scale without having an army of Certified Kubernetes Administrators,” said Gaurav Rishi, vice president of product and partnerships at Kasten by Veeam. “This is where Kasten K10 shines—by scaling simplicity. Our latest release augments an organization’s workforce so that the enterprise can realize cloud-native technology and operational benefits by automating several data management tasks.”

Juggling the support and protection of Kubernetes environments with the design and maintenance of cloud-native deployments is a sizeable task in itself; pair it with the increasing percentage of enterprises investing in Kubernetes, and organizations are left with a remarkable chore in fostering optimized and de-risked environments for Kubernetes to thrive, according to the company. Other trends, such as Kubernetes needing to adapt to stateful application workloads, multi-cluster deployments across clouds, regions, and on-premises, and growing scale requirements, have affected the minimum skill demands associated with employing Kubernetes. Kasten V10 doubles down, from a product standpoint, on the ways Kubernetes can be simplified and optimized for day-to-day enterprise use.

Kasten’s latest update employs three new capabilities to confront Kubernetes’ challenges: intelligent policies, ease of deployment and scale, and expanded cloud-native ecosystems. Kasten K10 is equipped with the ability to make intelligent decisions for streamlining scalable data protection, such as using non-peak usage hours of an application to specify a backup window, further automating the sequencing of underlying backup jobs. Ease-of-use is bolstered by an intuitive graphical wizard to create the most appropriate install manifests, allowing visualization and repetition for multiple installs. IPv6 support is also incorporated into Kasten K10, providing the basis to solve IP exhaustion and address edge deployments with support for Amazon EKS with IPv6 inter-Pod communication and GitOps workflow integrations. The expansion of cloud-native ecosystems provides users with the most frequently updated advancements throughout workload types, geographic regions, storage types, and security; support for RedHat OpenShift Virtualization, Kubernetes 1.23, and Azure Files is also featured in the update.

“Users don’t need a Kubernetes black-belt to make sure their applications are protected,” said Rishi. “One of the biggest gaps we see in the market is that people have Kubernetes applications despite their lack of education or lack of skills. What’s truly exciting is that we’ve been able to take Kasten K10, its combination of innovation and responsiveness to customers, and have simplicity truly baked in; you can have a hand’s off approach in knowing your applications are protected.”

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