Keeper Technology and Seagate Government Solutions Address Challenges in Data Storage Performance and Security

Keeper Technology, a provider of integrated data management solutions, and Seagate Government Solutions, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology, provider of data storage solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to provide software-defined storage (SDS) solutions for the federal government and commercial sectors.

The SDS platform is built on Seagate's Common Criteria, BAA/TAA-compliant FIPS 140-2 disk drives and enclosures and is underpinned by Keeper Technology's turnkey Ceph-based appliance, keeperSAFE.

By combining Seagate's technology with keeperSAFE, the companies say, the solution provides a flexible, cloud-scale infrastructure enabling enterprises to scale across physical, virtual and cloud resources to efficiently and cost-effectively manage exponential data growth. The solution meets NIST 800-88 and FIPS 140-2 requirements for protecting sensitive information, and, with support for NAS, block, and object-based storage, enables government, and commercial enterprises to manage their data.

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