Keepit Launches Backup and Recovery Service for Azure DevOps

Keepit, the cloud data protection and management company, is debuting its latest data protection solution, the Azure DevOps backup and recovery service, engineered to centralize team culture around protection by safeguarding workloads against massively detrimental disasters.

Extending Keepit’s backup and recovery services even more so across Microsoft’s cloud services ecosystem, this latest solution supports the implementation of an Azure DevOps culture, driving shared ownership, rapid and continuous deployment, workflow automation, and rapid feedback, according to the company. With Keepit’s backup and recovery service, enterprises can ensure that their Azure DevOps is protected against the greatest of cyber threats.

“Azure DevOps has limited disaster recovery coverage. If a company loses its Azure DevOps data, it loses access to development operations, which means it loses the ability to track, document, and deliver what software it’s building,” said Paul Robichaux, senior director of product at Keepit and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). “Those losses can have a severe impact on the development team’s productivity and ability to deliver to its customers.”

The Azure DevOps backup and recovery service from Keepit is the most comprehensive offering for the protection and quick recovery of Azure DevOps boards and pipelines data and metadata, according to the company. Protection for Azure boards includes work items, backlogs, team sprints, queries, and more. Any restoration executed is equipped with full metadata, such as comments, custom fields, and attachments.

CI/CD pipelines and automations benefit from rapid restoration to a known-good state within Keepit’s backup and recovery solution. Additionally, the offering supplies organizations with granular protection, speedy recovery, compliance with data protection regulations, and immutable data storage in Keepit’s ISO 2700-certified private cloud.

“Keepit’s fine-grained, incremental coverage protects against both ‘Oops’ scenarios and large-scale incidents,” continued Robichaux. “Our Azure DevOps backup and recovery service will enable businesses to protect their software development operations as an add-on to the coverage we offer for Microsoft’s cloud services. We are excited to include this in our already robust stable of offerings for our clients.”

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