Kentik and Cloudflare Collaborate to Strengthen DDos Protection

Kentik, the network observability company, is expanding its partnership with Cloudflare and offering a new security integration with the company, helping customers ensure network infrastructure availability and reduce operational costs.

Now, network security teams can procure and use Kentik’s DDoS detection and analytics, and Magic Transit, Cloudflare’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation tool, as an integrated, on-demand solution. 

“Every year DDoS attacks increase in volume and sophistication, which is why our partnership with Cloudflare is so important,” said Mike Mooney, chief revenue officer of Kentik. “Individually, our two teams have worked for years to build technology to help businesses mitigate attacks on infrastructure. Together, our integrated DDoS solutions will boost overall peace of mind for enterprise network security strategies.”

Kentik Protect, Kentik’s detailed traffic analytics, helps users understand attacks and the effects of mitigation tactics in real time.

When combined with Kentik Synthetics, Kentik Protect allows users to evaluate the actual application user experience worldwide – during an attack and as mitigation actions are implemented. Cloudflare Magic Transit provides the DDoS protection that makes enterprise networks smarter, faster, and more secure.

Kentik and Cloudflare first partnered on DDoS protection for their joint-users in May 2020. Now, through the expanded partnership, Kentik’s accurate and immediate DDoS detection analytics are fully integrated with one of the most powerful DDoS mitigation platforms available today, Cloudflare Magic Transit.

Cloudflare customers can now use Kentik’s DDoS detection to monitor for signs of potential DDoS events and activate Cloudflare Magic Transit for on-demand mitigation of these attacks.

“DDoS protection has evolved over the years from legacy appliances to hybrid models to fully Internet-native solutions, like Cloudflare’s Magic Transit,” said Bob Laskey, head of North American enterprise sales at Cloudflare. “Expanding our partnership with Kentik makes it easier for our customers to set up on-demand protection from malicious DDoS traffic and provides a flexible and integrated network observability and DDoS protection solution.”

Cloudflare Magic Transit and Kentik Protect interact automatically to trigger on-demand mitigation using the Cloudflare global network. No user intervention is required.

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