Key Resources Announces Enhancements to z/Assure SCU

Key Resources, a provider of mainframe vulnerability scanning solutions and consultancy, has introduced enhancements to its z/Assure Security Conversion Utility (SCU). Improvements to the platform, including two-way encryption for password propagation, expanded conversion capabilities, and a backout process that allow teams to manage conversions at their own pace, are targeted at helping mainframe security and operations teams seamlessly migrate from one enterprise security manager (ESM) to another while maintaining data accuracy and quality.

According to Key Resources, mainframe professionals use one of three ESM solutions to manage the security of their environments—CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, or RACF. If they decide to change their ESM solution, either because of a technical preference, operational challenges, or changes in the marketplace, they then have to undergo a manual process that’s often time-consuming and labor-intensive.

z/Assure SCU from Key Resources is intended to simplify ESM conversions through a proven and tested proprietary methodology that eliminates tasks like manual database population. The tool also offers an optional solution to transfer existing passwords over to the new security package, which helps mainframe staff to get up and running on their new ESM more quickly.

The new release enables two-way encryption, expanded conversion capabilities, and flexible management capabilities, including a backout process that allows teams to pause and return to conversions at a later time, completing migrations at their own pace.

According to the vendor, z/Assure SCU can also be combined with z/Assure Security Merge Utility (SMU), a separate solution that can be used to merge multiple ESM databases into one. Together, both tools offer a comprehensive and automated solution for managing an organization’s ESM databases.

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