KidoZen Adds Data Visualization to Enterprise Mobile App Platform

KidoZen, a provider of mobility solutions, has added data visualization to its next-generation enterprise mobile app platform. The capability enables user interaction and exploration of data coming from business systems through a central repository of rich data visualizations.

“Every month almost 7 billion mobile devices access more than 1.5 exabytes of data,” said Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of KidoZen. “Visualizing that data is not easy today, yet it is critical to enhancing the user experience and delivering on business objectives. KidoZen provides developers and business users alike with the tools necessary to visually interpret what is happening beneath all the data to quickly respond to critical issues and relevant business trends.”

Many developers are tasked with not only programming the applications but also enabling basic reporting capabilities inside the mobile apps – which can be difficult, time consuming and has to be repeated for each operating platform. KidoZen’s mobile data visualization provides developers a server-side solution for authoring, managing and using enterprise-ready visualizations in mobile apps with drag-and-drop capabilities.

According to KidoZen, the platform creates a central repository of visualizations that can be used by mobile applications, while providing lifecycle management, operations and versioning capabilities. In addition, accessing and delivering visualizations of enterprise data sources does not require in-depth programming knowledge, since  KidoZen delivers cross-platform support – to see, collect and visualize the data no matter the mobile development environment or platform.