Kinetica Active Analytics Platform Incorporates NVIDIA RAPIDS for Predictive Analytics

Kinetica’s Active Analytics Platform now incorporates NVIDIA RAPIDS, a GPU-acceleration boost for machine learning, to deliver precision business predictions across the entire enterprise. The platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud via a broad ecosystem, including strategic partners such as NVIDIA, Dell Technologies, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Kinetica with RAPIDS aims to optimize predictive analytics in industries including healthcare, energy, telecommunications, automotive, government, retail, and financial services, among others.

“We live in a world where the data generated by an organization’s activities has become more important than the activities themselves,” said Paul Appleby, CEO at Kinetica. “It is therefore incumbent upon us to react to that data now, and to make predictions that both accurately reflect the information received, and the desired outcome. We are pleased to combine the power of the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform and NVIDIA Rapids to enable machine learning at enterprise scale.”

The Kinetica and NVIDIA collaboration gives chief data officers the tools to impose data-driven decision making across the organization in an accessible and fully integrated manner, from data scientist to developer to business intelligence analyst.

Data scientists can now dramatically streamline the development and improve the accuracy of their models, by GPU-accelerating their entire pipeline. Data engineers and developers can seamlessly integrate the models into their analytical applications, while ensuring corporate governance.

Kinetica incorporated RAPIDS for predictive analytics, reducing ML model training time using NVIDIA GPUs and producing data analysis faster.

The combination of the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform and NVIDIA RAPIDS enhances the power and value of the streaming data analytics Kinetica offers, delivering ML model speed and transparency across the organization.

The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform delivers at-scale data exploration and model deployment. That, combined with RAPIDS, enables end-to-end NVIDIA GPU-accelerated data science, operational deployment, and audit at enterprise scale.

Kinetica and NVIDIA customers can now run GPU-accelerated machine learning models on data as it streams into the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform.

Business decision-makers can now simultaneously implement models and track and evaluate outcomes. Kinetica and NVIDIA in tandem help ensure that data platforms have the infrastructure to support governance, transparency, and repeatability.

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