Kinetica Adds New Geospatial Capabilities and Enterprise-Grade Features to Support Real-Time Apps

Kinetica, which provides a GPU-accelerated database, is adding new geospatial capabilities and enterprise-grade features to help drive real-time, location-based analytics and analytic processing.

Supporting geospatial visualizations, the new OpenGL Framework architecture for the rendering engine heightens performance when working with complex geometries and visualizations. In particular, the vendor says, polygon and line geometries with high vertex counts, scatter plots and complex graphs or charts can realize up to a 100x improvement.

Enhancing geospatial processing for location-based analytics, this release adds new functions, as well as improved user interaction with these and the associated data, and improvements to the SQL expression access to this set of functionality.

The new release also includes a simplified Kinetica deployment process driven through a GUI; and additional enterprise-grade features such as compression, dictionary encoding, enhanced process management, and security to improve performance, reliability, administration and minimize costs.

For cloud environments, Kinetica also delivers faster time-to-value. Kinetica’s new automated deployment options for AWS and Azure remove risk and complexity, helping enterprises to more quickly get started.

The latest release of Kinetica’s in-memory, GPU-accelerated compute database is now available.

The Kinetica 90-day Trial Edition will be available by October 31 at

Kinetica in Azure and AWS one-click will be available by October 31.

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