Kinetica Debuts Free Forever Iteration of its Cloud Offering

Kinetica, the database for time and space, is unveiling a completely free iteration of Kinetica Cloud, enabling anyone to experience real-time data analysis capabilities by simply signing-up—no credit card needed. Kinetica Cloud Free Forever offers the full extent of its services, for free, for up to 10GB of data.

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever democratizes its breadth of services to enterprises that are unable to shell out an exorbitant quantity of resources, meeting them where they are on their business journeys, according to the company.

“We’re seeing two massive opportunities collide for our customers. First, real-time decisions informed by smart sensors and devices are increasingly critical in many industries and applications. Second, new approaches to data management and analysis must be taken as more of the data from such devices is streaming data that includes information about both time and location,” said Philip Darringer, VP of product management at Kinetica. “By removing cloud cost concerns for developers, we’re accelerating the transition to the next phase of big data, allowing organizations to scale the collection, analysis, and operationalization of this new form of location-enriched data for innovation, coupled with SQL-GPT functionality for easy and fast conversational querying on that data.”

The free iteration of Kinetica’s platform enables enterprises to take advantage of full Kinetica database functionality, without increasing costs, for up to 10GB of data. These services include Kinetica SQL-GPT functionality, which leverages generative AI technology to turn language into SQL. Additionally, Kinetica Free Forever offers unlimited SQL queries and API access, unlimited SQL workbooks, and Kinetica community support.

“Kinetica Cloud’s Free Forever version is a significant release for companies to easily experience working with the Kinetica database without having to deal with trial licenses or PoC budget approvals,” said John O’Brien, principal advisor and CEO at Radiant Advisors. “Proven industry leading performance and multi-modal analytics features aside, our database benchmark engineers frequently commented how impressed they were with the Kinetica Cloud environment and analytics workbench in user experience and its ability to dramatically reduce development time for spatial and time-series analytics.”

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever currently complements existing Kinetica deployment options, including:

  • Developer Edition
  • AWS and Azure Marketplace managed service deployment
  • Software-only deployment within a customer cloud environment

Enterprises utilizing Kinetica Cloud Free Forever can upgrade to Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads, removing data limits. This iteration affords users more flexibility and ensures consistent performance across clusters.

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