Kinetica Heralds Conversational Ad-Hoc Querying through Integration with ChatGPT

Kinetica, the real time data analytics company, is announcing an integration between Kinetica’s analytic database and ChatGPT, marking the industry’s first database integration with the radically popular generative AI tool. The integration will pair ChatGPT’s front-end interface—which will be tasked with converting natural language to SQL—and Kinetica’s analytic database—designed for ad-hoc querying at speed and scale—to introduce “conversational querying” to the world of data comprehension.

The promise of ChatGPT integration with data querying is an intriguing one, bringing business users, data workers, and the data itself ever closer with rapid query results. Yet, while many are aware of ChatGPT’s immediate responsiveness to a plethora of conversational inputs, this sort of speed entirely relies on the underlying data platform of the enterprise. Anything programmed as “conversational” represents the complex, hefty work of data engineering, indexing, and tuning to enable those fast, instant-gratification queries.

The Kinetica database meets the rapid and robust requirements dictated by conversational querying; through the power of native vectorization, query operations are performed in parallel on multiple vectors at once, enabling fast query execution on a smaller compute footprint, according to the vendor.

“While ChatGPT integration with analytic databases will become table stakes for vendors in 2023, the real value will come from rapid insights to complex ad-hoc questions,” said Nima Negahban, co-founder and CEO of Kinetica. “Enterprise users will soon expect the same lightning-fast response times to random text-based questions of their data as they currently do for questions against data in the public domain with ChatGPT.”

Users will be able to ask questions in their own words and phrasing, enabling queries to be expressed more naturally on the part of its human operator. No longer is there a need for writing and debugging complex SQL queries, which ultimately increases database accessibility and intuitiveness.

Additionally, Kinetica’s database—due to its wide coverage of modes of analytics, including time series, spatial, graph, and ML—provides a larger scope of questions that can be answered through its ChatGPT integration. Paired with Kinetica’s massive ingests of real-time streaming data, the ChatGPT integration is underpinned by the most accurate, rapidly delivered database of information, according to the company.

“Kinetica plus ChatGPT makes complex, ad-hoc queries truly interactive, avoiding the ‘interactus interruptus’ of other integrations between large language models and databases,” said Amit Vij, co-founder and president of Kinetica. “Generative AI is a killer app for data analytics.”

With rapid access to information comes greater productivity; in the same vein, with easier access to querying, comes a wider understanding of data insights and patterns throughout an organization, according to the vendor. Kinetica’s database, paired with ChatGPT, increases the value of data while simultaneously widening the audience that that data is accessed by.

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