Kinetica Releases Certified Connector for Apache Kafka

Kinetica, provider in-memory analytics databases accelerated by GPUs, is joining the Confluent Partner Program and has completed the development and certification of its Apache Kafka Connector.

Kinetica’s Kafka Connector lets customers read and write data directly between Kafka and Kinetica, allowing organizations to ingest real-time data streams from Apache Kafka and provide a means for analysis and immediate action on incoming data.

 “Confluent lets companies easily access data as real-time streams with enterprise-grade capabilities and make it available throughout the organization,” said Chris Prendergast, VP of business development and alliances at Kinetica.  “With the Certified Kinetica Connector, applications can more easily leverage Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database with Kafka for streaming data, allowing organizations to drive more business value from data in motion and at rest.”

The Kinetica Connector can be deployed into any Confluent cluster from the Control Center GUI or command line using the Kafka Connect RESTful API. The Kafka Connect API ensures fault tolerant integration between the Kafka topic stream and the Kinetica instance.

As a Confluent Partner Program member, Kinetica enables its customers who use Apache Kafka and Confluent to develop robust data integration based on Kafka's Connect API, easily build stream processing applications with the streams API in Kafka, and promote solutions to customers worldwide.

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