Kinetica Unveils Rapid and Accurate Natural Language to SQL Conversion Offering

Kinetica, the real-time database for analytics and generative AI, is launching Quick Start, a large language model (LLM)-based solution that converts natural language to SQL on enterprise data. Designed to empower ad-hoc data analysis on real-time, structured data, Quick Start makes querying data using natural language both fast and easy.

Quick Start enables accurate and secure conversion of proprietary data to SQL, which allows users to ask questions of their data in their natural language.

“We're thrilled to introduce Kinetica’s groundbreaking Quick Start for SQL-GPT, enabling organizations to seamlessly harness the power of Language to SQL on their enterprise data in just one hour,” said Phil Darringer, VP of product at Kinetica. “With our fine-tuned LLM tailored to each customer’s data and our commitment to guaranteed accuracy and speed, we're revolutionizing enterprise data analytics with generative AI."

Upon signing up for the Kinetica Cloud Free edition, users load files into Kinetica and generate context for tables that inform Quick Start’s LLM of the associations between certain words and the names of various fields and columns. Users are then able to ask explicit questions of their data and receive near instantaneous answers.

This capability builds from the Kinetica database’s ability to convert natural language to SQL through its multiple modes of analytics and usage of NVIDIA GPUs and modern CPUs.

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