Knoa Software Assists ABB Mexico With SAP Implementation Projects

Knoa Software, a provider of user experience management (UEM) software, is helping ABB Mexico, a global provider of power and automation technologies, use SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) to solve business operations issues and improve user experience for its SAP applications.

Since the SAP UEM implementation in January 2016, it has been used in conjunction with SAP Learning Hub and the SAP Enable Now solution (formerly SAP Workforce Performance Builder). ABB Mexico has identified a 35% reduction in support tickets.

ABB Mexico began using SAP UEM in 2015 across 11 components of the SAP ERP application, 850+ employees and six location offices, including the Manufacturing Plant.

SAP UEM helped the company manage SAP software implementation projects in a test environment, rapidly trace the cause of errors, identify strategic training areas for employees, reveal the most- and least-used transactions, and more.  This same concept can be used in other projects for new functionality of SAP software or SAP software upgrades.

 “We are proud that SAP UEM by Knoa has helped ABB Mexico reduce its support tickets by such a significant percentage,” said Brian Berns, CEO of Knoa Software. “ABB joins an ever-expanding list of companies that are using SAP UEM to improve user experience, increase adoption and boost productivity.  We have enjoyed working with the team in Mexico, and hope to assist with deployments in additional ABB offices in the future.”

Knoa is an SAP partner whose user experience management solution is resold by SAP as an SAP Solution Extension. SAP UEM sheds light on application usage, user adoption and user workflows, helping customers protect and maximize investments in SAP applications and upgrades.

The SAP UEM application provides complete visibility into employee engagement with enterprise applications, enabling the company to pinpoint the causes of system errors, identify gaps in training and improve business processes.

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