Knoa Software Creates Analytics Solution for SAP and non-SAP applications

Knoa Software, a provider of user experience management (UEM) software, is releasing Knoa Analytics, a new component of Knoa UEM, which is also sold by SAP as SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) by Knoa.

“We’ve been working closely with customers and partners, to better understand how Knoa’s unique data can be applied to solve critical business challenges,” said Bogdan Nica, vice president of product and services, Knoa. “As a result of this collaboration, we were able to identify and launch key new capabilities that we believe will help customers drive accelerated value with our solutions.”

This new analytics platform extends and complements the current product offering with a new set of analytical capabilities geared towards accelerating adoption on enterprise software such as SAP, increasing user productivity, and offering more intuitive insights into business performance, as well as team-level and project-based collaboration.

The new component delivers enhanced analytical capabilities to help organizations leverage Knoa’s unique user experience data for key business initiatives, such as migrating to SAP S/4HANA and cloud-based enterprise solutions, prioritizing automation initiatives, and optimizing and managing efficiencies of a remote workforce.

The Knoa Analytics platform provides a new layer of insights into user interactions with SAP and non-SAP applications, enabling business and IT stakeholders to drive faster value for technology initiatives.

Key highlights of the new analytics platform include:

  • Guided access to data, for faster onboarding of new users
  • Use case-specific analytics for top priorities such as S/4HANA migrations and user enablement
  • New analytics in support of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives
  • Exploratory reports for open-ended analysis of the data, targeted to expert users
  • Financial models for computing the business impact of IT projects, based on Knoa’s user experience metrics
  • Collaboration and productivity features, such as ability to create and share projects

“Knoa is executing on our vision to provide insightful user analytics to drive successful digital transformation projects and improve software adoption. We are delivering an innovative user analytics solution for organizations to realize the full value of enterprise applications,” said Brian Berns, CEO of Knoa.

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