Knoa Software Helps Enterprises Adopt SAP Applications

Knoa Software provides in-depth visibility into how employees use their SAP applications both before and after migration, enabling enterprises to flag issues that hamper adoption, user experience and productivity.

Its powerful analytics ease migration, solve problems, pinpoint training requirements, and enhance adoption. 

In this era of monitoring everything, Knoa can tap into what users are doing to further boost efficiency and handle minor errors that crop up.

“With our software, specifically with SAP, you immediately gain insight into user behavior,” said Brian Berns, CEO.

Knoa helps SAP to deploy its software more effectively, Berns explained. Knoa can tell SAP how its users are struggling.

As users migrate they can monitor the success of the migration.

“When people are struggling you want to nip that in the bud,” Berns said. “You don’t want people to continue to struggle because then they’ll just back away from the application.”

Knoa’s solution ensures effective use of SAP applications, Berns said.

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