Kobelco Systems Chooses SAP Fieldglass to Transform Management

Kobelco Systems Corporation, an IT services provider based in Japan, is implementing SAP Fieldglass solutions to help transform the management of its skilled external workforce.

With the company’s extensive experience constructing IT systems, Kobelco Systems responds to its customers’ diverse needs by providing integrated, comprehensive solutions that are optimized for each client from planning down to operation.

To help increase productivity and reduce risk, Kobelco Systems needed a solution that provided visibility into all external workers and enabled active management of this key workforce segment. The company implemented SAP Fieldglass solutions in late 2019 to satisfy these requirements.

By adopting SAP Fieldglass solutions and streamlining its external workforce management, Kobelco Systems plans to:

  • Standardize processes for increased efficiency in sourcing, managing and paying external workers as well as stronger compliance to regulations
  • Have clear and credible insight into various data points, including occupational categories, departments, costs, project durations, contract terms and performance evaluations for better decision-making and workforce planning
  • Grow an external talent pool of IT project personnel who can be matched to future work assignments with greater efficiency based on skills, cost and quality of past projects

 Based on its successful rollout, Kobelco Systems intends to help other SAP Fieldglass customers with their implementation projects.

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