Kodem Emerges from Stealth with $25M in Funding to Boost Application Security

Kodem, provider of a software composition analysis (SCA) platform, is emerging from stealth with $25M in funding from Greylock and TPY Capital, enabling the company to launch its platform globally and expand its go-to-market team.

“We started Kodem in response to the inefficiency of the application security process. With traditional tools, it’s difficult for developers to see whether vulnerabilities are exploitable. After years of researching the problem, we found that the key to clarifying actual risk is to observe application behavior during runtime,” said Aviv Mussinger, CEO and co-founder of Kodem. “By analyzing a running application, we can understand its context to know exactly which components are in use, how data moves between them, and the risk that is created. We based the Kodem solution on these findings, and we look forward to helping additional security teams build safer applications more efficiently.”

Kodem is redefining application security by using runtime intelligence to gain deep application understanding and determine actual application risk. This significantly reduces the time it takes to remediate issues and brings the number of alerts down by more than 90%, dramatically improving efficiency, saving organizations real time and money, and making applications safer, according to the company.

Kodem was founded by Mussinger, Pavel Furman (CTO), and Idan Bartura (Head of Engineering), cybersecurity veterans with decades of experience in cybersecurity, research, and innovation.

The core patented technology underlying the Kodem platform enables the ability to monitor the application in a non-intrusive way and to analyze its behavior and risks in real time. Early customer data shows just over 10 percent of software code is used in runtime and that less than 5 percent of runtime software is actually vulnerable.

Kodem is currently used by companies across industries, including financial services, insurance, and technology.

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