Kognitio Announces New Family of Data Warehouse Appliances

Kognitio today launched a new family of data warehouse appliances designed to let companies choose the model best suited to their specific data analysis speed and volume needs.

"We have always been in the data warehouse appliance game," Sean Jackson, vice president of marketing, Kognitio, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We have always offered a software-only database prepackaged on industry-standard hardware as an appliance for a turnkey solution. What we are doing today is basically giving customers more choice."  

Kognitio has named the three new appliance varieties Rapids, Rivers and Lakes - which the company says are metaphors for the variety of performance and capacity issues that customers must consider. Conversations with customers always revolve around how fast they want to analyze their data and what they need to do with their data, explains Jackson.  Now, instead of building one spec that fits all, he says, the three varieties address customers' distinct priorities.

"Rapids" is Kognitio's high-performance in-memory database appliance designed designed for extremely fast analysis on massive amounts of data. It can run even the most complex queries in seconds. It uses in-memory database performance to eliminate disk bottleneck problems, so users can perform high-speed analytics even when the data volumes are in use by many concurrent users simultaneously 

"Rivers" is for companies with medium-capacity data applications that require good performance and reasonable cost. Rivers provides a balance between performance and cost. Some queries run from RAM, while less demanding queries are analyzed from disk-based data at conventional speeds. The appliance is well-suited for companies with a mixed analytic workload environment and that need good, consistent performance, with the ability to support the occasional power user.

"Lakes" is a low-cost, high-capacity appliance is designed for users who need to run complex queries against very large data sets, but who need low cost and easy administration more than they need ultra fast performance. It is intended to deliver conventional disk-based performance levels on many terabytes of data.

The Kognitio Rapids, Rivers and Lakes Appliances combine Intel-based processors and other industry-standard hardware with the Kognitio WX2 analytic database in a single cabinet, complete with software, servers and storage and are built to scale and analyze terabytes of data quickly and easily, according to the vendor. Each appliance model is comprised of a module containing a blend of data memory, server cores and disk specifications, with licensing on a data volume basis.

"It is basically responding to the customers' needs by giving them the appliance that best fits their requirements at the price that best fits their budgets," says Jackson. For more information, go to