Kore Explains How to Modernize Your MV Applications in Upcoming DBTA Webinar

Kore Technologies is slated to present how to Modernize Your Multi-Value Applications with Real-Time Integration in an upcoming DBTA webinar on June 29, 2023. Keith Lambert, VP marketing and business development, Kore Technologies and Mark Dobransky, managing partner, co-founder, Kore Technologies will showcase how Kourier REST can integrate a variety of modern applications into your MV platform.

There are many best-in-class products that can provide new or improved capabilities for your Rocket UniData/UniVerse (U2) back office applications and modernize specific areas of your organization.

Often these are cloud-based, SaaS or even mobile applications such as: Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce), Transportation Management (Descartes, Mercury Gate), Service Management (ServiceTitan), Warehouse Management Systems (Tecsys), Accounting and Finance (SAP Concur), eCommerce Storefronts, web Portals and more.

The challenge is integrating these products with U2 applications in real-time while maximizing security, performance, data access, and enforcement of your business rules.

The good news is that Kore Technologies develops Kourier REST, a trend-setting real-time integration platform designed specifically for this purpose.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How Kourier REST can extend and modernize your U2 application via integration to other products using RESTful Web Services.
  • How to integrate your U2 application with cloud-based application APIs such as Salesforce CRM.
  • How to create REST APIs for your U2 application that enable other products to securely and quickly access data though a REST gateway.

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