Kore Introduces Kourier Integrator 4.8.5

Kore is enhancing its flagship MV platform with performance updates and capabilities that that make RESTful integration, application integration, and data warehousing projects faster and easier to complete.

Kourier Integrator Release 4.8.5 offers:

  • New REST-as-Client Imports from external REST endpoints
  • New REST Connectors for
  • New REST Connectors for Repsly retail execution system
  • New Cloud-based storage Connectors for Amazon Simple Storage (S3) and Azure Blob Storage
  • Increased performance of Kourier Net Change Tracking
  • New Tools menu provides ability to test conversions, substitutions and emails from within the Kourier UX
  • Added support for National Language support (NLS) for UniVerse
  • Enhanced Kourier SQL Accelerator to handle UTF-8 datasets
  • Added support for JSON in Kourier's service-based import engine
  • Increased performance for Universal Time Conversions to run up to 100 times faster
  • New 64-bit Kourier Service Manager is faster and more reliable
  • Added support for authenticated SMTP servers as well as cloud-based SMTP servers
  • Many user interface quality of life improvements

Kourier Integrator also automates the process of creating a near real-time Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from the U2 database and other data sources.

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