Kore Plans Kourier Integrator Platform Update

After an extensive beta process over the past several months, Kourier Integrator 4.3 is getting ready to launch next month, according to Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner.

Kourier Integrator is a platform for integration, data warehousing, and business intelligence.

“Kourier is such a deep piece of middleware integration software that it really can allow your ERP systems to talk with almost anything out there in the World Wide Web,” Dobransky said.

The 4.3 update improves the REST Gateway, which provides secure, real-time access to MV applications from outside the firewall using APIs that are built using Kourier’s RESTful Web Services.

Other enhancements to the platform include an augmented ODBC capability that takes productivity tools for U2 to SQL and allows integrations such as Oracle to SQL or MySQL to SQL connections.

“It’s a major release for us,” Dobransky said. “We’ve been in beta for a couple of months and we’re just about to close out the beta and announce the product. We anticipate we’ll have the product available for all our customers and new customers by the end of June.”

Future releases will focus on adding more features in the REST area, such as web hooks, Dobransky said.

Additionally, on June 7, Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and technologies at Kore, will be participating in a webinar focused on opportunities and challenges in the ecommerce world.

“We have an ecommerce solution that’s used by distributors and there’s a common fear about what to do, how to do, and build or buy?” Lambert said. “We’re just trying to get information out there to people so they can understand the challenges in front of them in putting together an ecommerce solution.”

For more information about Kourier, visit, and to sign up for the webinar, go here