Kore Technologies Appoints New Vice President of Sales

David Roper has been named vice president of sales at Kore Technologies. Kore provides a range of professional services and applications for the Rocket Software U2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Key products include KommerceServer, an advanced framework for building e-commerce web solutions, and Kourier Integrator, an application designed for system integration and business automation.

Roper has 20 years of experience in the information technology and ERP software industry, including a number of years spent in sales at Epicor Software Corporation (previously DataWorks Corporation). "I was part of DataWorks for 10 years-which as many know has been rolled into Epicor's iSolutions group, and so I spent those years in the MultiValue/U2 world with UniData and UniVerse. All the solutions I sold in my 10 years at DataWorks were MultiValue-based. For the last 8 years, I have been involved more with Microsoft and SAP and the more mid-range ERP solutions area," Roper tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"Dave brings with him a lot of experience in the ERP marketplace, and at Kore he will help the company increase its focus on products and services that are high value and low cost for customers," adds Ken Dickinson, managing partner and co-founder of Kore. "Now we have a sales group as well as a marketing group and it really rounds out our operations in terms of how we are going to go out and market our products and services. It gives us the ability to focus our efforts on the right areas and have the right people in place. These are building blocks for the future of Kore."

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