Kore Technologies Introduces webPayment

Kore Technologies is now offering webPayment, a fully-branded online payments solution designed to help you get paid faster.

Previously only offered as a part of Kore’s KommerceServer eCommerce Suite, webPayment has now been repackaged to allow it to operate as a stand-alone, fully-operational solution. Additional features have also been added such as support for multiple credit card gateways and ACH transactions.

webPayment is a modular, secure, customer self-service application that can be used with any website or eCommerce platform (including KommerceServer) and is the newest member of the KommerceServer eCommerce Suite. According to Kore, the solution reduces manual accounting tasks and streamlines invoice management.

Kore Technologies is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions for enterprise integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, and integrated eCommerce Web solutions.

Kore leverages its technology and partnerships with Rocket Software and Microsoft to develop and support applications designed for MultiValue, Microsoft SQL Server, and other databases.

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