Kore Technologies to Present on September 19 at Eclipse Users Group Conference in Atlanta

Kore Technologies will be a featured vendor at Encounter, the annual Eclipse Users Group Conference, taking place September 17-19 in Atlanta.  Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner of Kore, will present a session titled “Integration and Data Warehousing with Eclipse” on Friday, September 19, at 2 pm. The presentation will include a live demonstration of Kourier Integrator’s data warehousing capabilities, showing how quickly Kourier can move data from MultiValue and non-MultiValue data sources into a centralized data warehouse, increasing business productivity and reducing costs.

The Eclipse Users Group is a membership organization that offers training, support and best practices around the use of the Epicor Eclipse ERP application.

Dobransky will be joined by Keith Lambert, vice president of marketing and business development at Kore, to showcase the company’s newest product releases and provide the live demonstration during the Friday afternoon session. Kore Technologies will also be located at Booth 15 at the conference.   

Kore’s newest product release, KommerceServer eCommerce Suite 5.3, was developed by co-founder and managing partner Ken Dickinson. Key features in the new release include a re-engineered content management system (CMS); advanced document management; new interfaces, and a configurable session timeout dialog.

According to Lambert, KommerceServer eCommerce Suite 5.3 is making its debut at this year’s Eclipse User Group Conference, and the release includes Eclipse-specific features such as support for the Product Data Warehouse (PDW) for Eclipse, which integrates directly with the KommerceServer website.  It is also the first release that introduces the MVC.NET framework to work alongside the existing Microsoft ASP.NET framework, which means that the website is more responsive, customizable, and extensible for customers.

KommerceServer is a user-friendly e-commerce suite with full integration capabilities, explained Dickinson.  “Website administrators can easily monitor orders, site traffic, customer reviews, edit content on web pages, etc. The customer portal allows clients to access past invoices, review orders, view frequent purchases and authorize employees’ purchasing capabilities.”

According to Dickinson, KommerceServer combines a rich content management system with a dedicated e-commerce solution that is tightly integrated to the back office. Its seamless integration (with Eclipse and other ERP applications) allows the website to scale and operate independently but still support complex customer pricing, inventory availability and historical transactions.

Additionally, he noted, KommerceServer can pull data directly from the product data warehouse (PDW) for Kore’s Eclipse customers including product images, spec sheets, technical descriptions, and other properties. “We continue to strive to automate new data integration points with the back office to avoid redundant data entry, while allowing the flexibility to extend the website where the back office lacks the necessary data for integration,” said Dickinson.

Rather than connecting directly to Eclipse or other applications, Kourier Integrator is used as middleware to connect to Eclipse and synchronize the data between Eclipse and the KommerceServer Microsoft SQL Server database, explained Dickinson.

“Through our experience and work we have found that the disconnected method we practice is the most secure and scalable. Connecting directly to a back office application database can cause performance issues for both the website and the back office. By extracting and loading data via a middleware product such as Kourier, we reduce website downtime, increase performance and eliminate potential security gaps exposed with the directly connected method.”

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