Kourier Integrator 4.1 Will Strengthen Enterprise Application Integration Capabilities

Kore Technologies will be launching the next release of Kourier Integrator, an enterprise data management suite for data warehousing and application integration, in February. According to the company, the primary focus for release 4.1 will be strengthening Kourier’s inbound enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities.

Specifically, the new release will provide enhanced inbound integration capabilities for UniData/UniVerse (U2) applications from other third-party systems or databases using a simple template-based approach. This design will allow data to be easily mapped from either XML or flat files to the U2 system.

Kourier will manage the data validation and transaction rules and enable the user to focus on any specific business rules, thus reducing the amount of procedural code that needs to be written.

Additional improvements include an optimized implementation of Java for increased performance and lower system overhead, a more robust data warehouse quick start workbench and integrated data profiling utility with integrated SQL Server data types, and support for the Secure File Transport Protocol (SSH).