Kourier Integrator 4.7 Brings New Performance Enhancements

Kore Technologies is releasing version 4.7 of the Kourier Integrator platform, increasing performance times across the board.

“A lot of our releases are customer driven and 4.7 is a perfect example of customer driven improvements and enhancements to the product,” said Mark Dobransky, co-founder and managing partner, Kore Technologies.

This latest release includes the Package Execution Manager (PEM), improving the overall performance, execution, and transparency of Kourier generated Microsoft SSIS packages, and provides a stable and fault tolerant environment in which to run them.

Based on new information from Rocket Software, Kourier was reengineered to take advantage of Rocket’s internal software changes and revised architecture to maximize Kourier's performance.

Now Kourier’s overall performance is up to twice as fast as compared to previous versions of Kourier when extracting delimited data from U2 files. The actual increase in performance will vary depending on the installed versions of the UniData/UniVerse database and operating system. Kore recommends that existing clients upgrade to this new release as soon as possible.

“The net result for all of our customers, in all environments, is they are going to see an improvement in speed because we’re able to sync up with back end developers and understand what they’re doing so we can take advantage and exploit some of the stuff they are doing,” Dobransky said. “Working closely with our Rocket partner to improve performance applies to all our customers, not just our biggest ones.”

Other improvements include:

  • Improved the dequeuing logic of Kourier to process the files moved from U2 to SQL and run their associated SSIS packages
    • This results in the SQL database tables getting updated in more timely manner
  • Enhanced the output created by Kourier generated SSIS packages to include additional information:
    • The file being processed and the SSIS package that is running
    • This information makes it easier to diagnose SSIS package run-time issues
  • Enhanced the Schedule Listing page to sort the list of schedules by schedule description

“It’s all about performance and reliability,” said Dobransky.

The next release on the horizon will make integrations easier, according to Dobransky.

“More people are trying to interface with applications in the cloud and we’re going to make that a reality for them,” Dobransky said.

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