Koverse 2.0 Offers Organizations a Data Lake In-a-Box to Help Derive Faster Value from Big Data

Announcing a new version of its “data lake in-a-box,” Koverse, Inc. has released the Koverse Platform Version 2.0, which provides enhancements for organizations trying to extract value out of their investments in big data and analytics. With this introduction, the company says it is offering enterprises a 30-day guarantee to bring their data into production with a data lake capable of delivering insights for real-world organizational challenges.

The new version of the Koverse platform incorporates four core production capabilities – the ability to ingest any type of data using Koverse’s patent pending Universal Indexing Engine; the ability to discover and query data in real time with unlimited scale; built-in granular data access control security; and the ability for data scientists and developers to quickly create and deploy analytics and use cases with their favorite tools. 

Key new capabilities include a data wizard making data ingestion into the data lake is now a self-service feature, eliminating the need for any special configurations, development, data characterization or help from system administrators to ingest new data sources; and  a universal indexing engine that provides users with real-time data access with no advanced configuration for either new or updated data sets.

The new release also provides capabilities for self-service forensic search via a simple and scalable search interface, flexible organization of datasets, and the ability for users, data scientists and developers to use a range of tools to tap into data in Koverse directly from their preferred environments (e.g., Tableau, Excel, Python, Spark, SQL and H2O) and push data back into Koverse for broader consumption. 

Koverse’s Version 2.0 is available immediately and the new features are available to existing customers as a free upgrade. 

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