Kubecost 2.0 Surfaces More Real-Time Data for Cloud Cost Optimization

Kubecost, the comprehensive solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing Kubernetes spend at scale, is launching Kubecost 2.0, providing new tools and capabilities purpose-built to monitor and optimize Kubernetes-related cloud expenses even more easily and significantly.

Cloud and Kubernetes costs continue to face upward pressure. As enterprises accelerate strategies to scale their use of Kubernetes without overspending, Kubecost continues to be—far and away, per the CNCF survey—the most deployed cloud-agnostic tool for cost monitoring and visibility, according to the company. 

“Modern businesses require real-time data and insights that can inform smarter decision-making across their organization, and understanding where and how their cloud spend is actually allocated is an increasingly critical part of that equation,” said Webb Brown, co-founder and CEO of Kubecost. “With high-performance cost forecasting, anomaly detection, and other capabilities, enterprises can cut tens of millions of dollars from cloud bills—budget and resources that can be applied elsewhere to grow their business. Kubecost 2.0 further empowers our customers to safely cut costs by avoiding unforeseen spikes, to understand consumption patterns with deeper insights, to make more immediate and data-backed decisions, and to deliver consistent and predictable optimization practices across their organizations.”

Highlights of Kubecost 2.0 include:

  • Advanced network monitoring
  • Collections
  • Kubecost Actions
  • Cost forecasting
  • Anomaly detection
  • Improved real-time cost estimation

From born-in-the-cloud startups to large enterprises modernizing and scaling cloud infrastructure, Kubecost continues to lead the industry in Kubernetes cost monitoring, management, and optimization with these latest enhancements, according to the company. 

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