Kyle Hailey Discusses Simplifying the Data Application Process at Data Summit 2016

As enterprises search for ways to support modern data applications and keep up with the pace of the revolving door of new technologies and solutions, bottlenecks become more frequent and put a stop to application development.

Kyle Hailey, technical evangelist at Delphix, touched upon this issue during his discussion at Data Summit 2016.

He quoted Marc Andreesen by saying, “software is eating the world” as organizations tackle with the issue of not having enough resources for data that is constantly pouring in.

“With mounting competitive pressures and mounting opportunities for increasing commoditization using the web or cloud to spin up applications quicker and development environments quicker, it’s important that customers be able to develop application development quickly,” Hailey said

There’s a flow of features including, product management, development, QA integration testing, deployment and customer testing, that can quickly slow down the process of application development.

“There’s a lot of time wasted waiting,” Hailey said.

This slowdown can lead to shared bottlenecks and limited environments, Hailey explained.

One possible solution for this includes thin cloning of data, according to Hailey, as enterprises can take a snapshot and share the information quickly.

There are a variety of technologies that can help such as production tools, storage solutions, and the ability to synchronize data along with software capture and automatic interfaces.

Data as a service can then become fast, elastic, and secure, Hailey said.

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