Kyle Hailey on How to Eliminate Data Constraints During Application Development at Data Summit

Enterprises are constantly searching for ways to capture, leverage, and analyze data effectively. However, bottlenecks can wreak havoc on the application development process.

Kyle Hailey will discuss how to solve bottlenecks that arise with virtual data and define metrics to track and validate solutions at the upcoming Data Summit 2016 in NYC during his session, titled “Eliminating the Data Constraint in Application Development.” Hailey is a technical evangelist at Delphix.

“With mounting competitive pressures and mounting opportunities for increasing commoditization using the web or cloud to spin up applications quicker and development environments quicker, it’s important that customers be able to develop application development quickly,” Hailey said.

He compared the situation to Uber distributing taxis, Airbnb distributing hotels, Amazon disrupting retail, and Netflix disrupting movies. “How are they all doing this? Through software,” Hailey said. “There’s mounting pressure to use better software faster.”

The top two constraints that can delay this process within an enterprise are the ability to get environments to the developers and the ability to get environments to the trade people.

Developers can tap into tools that monitor and automate the whole process from start to finish in order to avoid bottlenecks, Hailey explained. This will allow enterprises to release applications on time and at higher quality. It’s really revolutionizing the industry,” Hailey said. “It’s critical for companies to have the best applications in order to win in the marketplace.”

Hailey will present “Eliminating the Data Constraint in Application Development” at Data Summit on Tuesday, May 10, at 2:00 pm at the New York Hilton Midtown in NYC. To register, go here.