Kyligence Launches Intelligent Data Cloud for Interactive Analytics

Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the AI-augmented analytics platform Kyligence Cloud, has announced the availability of Kyligence Cloud 4, its new cloud-native distributed big data analytics platform. Available now on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Kyligence Cloud 4 leverages cloud-native concepts such as the separate scaling of  compute and storage to enable scalable and highly concurrent  analytics against  cloud data warehouses and data lakes.

The platform combines high performance and high concurrency OLAP, a cloud-native architecture, and auto-optimization using machine learning algorithms to simplify and automate cloud analytics. According to the company, Kyligence Cloud 4 can routinely deliver sub-second query response times against datasets of hundreds of terabytes to petabytes.

Kyligence Cloud 4 offloads processing from cloud data warehouses and data lakes by employing distributed aggregate indexes—a cloud-native successor to OLAP cubes. Kyligence Cloud also provides intelligent query routing and Smart Pushdown that ensures queries of all kinds are delivered with optimal performance. With its Unified Semantic Service, Kyligence Cloud offers a consolidated analytical view across enterprise data sources to build a single truth for business users. 

Through the use of machine learning, Kyligence Cloud’s AI-augmented engine identifies the most frequently accessed datasets from SQL query history, analyst usage patterns, data profiles, and runtime metrics and uses that intelligence to rationalize analytical models. Kyligence Cloud has an intuitive administrative user experience that reduces operating and maintenance costs. In addition, it  increases the number of concurrent users conducting data analytics on these platforms which is the best option to deliver data-as-a-service to machine learning and SaaS analytics applications.

When a significant proportion of your IT budget is allocated to cloud services, performance gains can translate to savings, noted Li Kang, vice president of North America, Kyligence. “Kyligence Cloud functions as a high-performance data service that delivers unified semantics and supports SQL, MDX, and REST interfaces. Our mission  is to follow a cloud-native approach to enable data engineers and SQL experts to build high performance into the datasets they curate. ”

Kyligence Cloud 4 is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. 

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